How to stop Realtors from calling me for my “For Sale by Owner” listing!

I am sure you all familiar with the quote of how “nothing of value is free”.  Listing on Zillow or other free for sale by owner listing sites like it is a prime example of that concept. Navigating through all the solicitation calls from real estate agents costs you your valuable time and frustration.

If you have a current zillow listing or have had one in the past when selling by owner, you can probably relate.  I know it is frustrating because I have been through it myself.  Most of the calls are from realtors soliciting for the listing.  It is also understandable how for sale by owners get frustrated and lose their cool when called because these calls are in the middle of the day during your hectic workday or at night when you are home spending precious time with your family.  Plus, it is not like you can just ignore the calls either because you just don’t know when the actual buyer might be calling.

The problem isn’t the realtors because they are simply doing what they must to gain an edge in a very competitive industry.  The inherent problem lies in the nature of these free listing sites that profit from advertising money from real estate professionals looking for new leads. This phenomenon is at the top of the list in complaints from for sale by owners.  It creates a very stressful challenge for most. It is also a major reason why for sale by owners end up listing with a realtor after a few weeks trying to sell on their own.  In fact, I speak with a homeowner every day that tell me they signed up with a traditional realtor and gave up 6% commission just because they were “overwhelmed” and had finally caved in.

The good news is that selling by owner doesn’t have to be this difficult. A extremely effective but little known alternative to selling your home while saving that listing commission exists. Our flat fee, commission free, for sale by owner platform not only eliminates this problem but also significantly increases your homes online visibility and even, often times nets you more lucrative offers! Think of it as a loop hole that allows you essentially act as a real estate agent.  You have the tools of an agent while selling by owner and saving commission. Sell by owner using a licensed real estate brokers access to the MLS.  Not only will you get a lot more interest in your home because of the increased exposure but you can now confortably answer your phone because it will only be from realtors with a qualified buyer!  It isn’t free but it is far less costly than listing it on these “free” listing sites.